Frederique is a 10-year-old inventor. She invents the High Five Machine.
Two thieves learn about her machine through the news and decide to steal it.
However, she is not be caught off-guard when the thieves break in.
She is waiting for them for an epic ambush helped by her many inventions
and traps including but not limited to her Rube Goldberg Machine.


In NightFall, world’s first ballet especially created for virtual reality,
the viewer feels like part of the corps de ballet,
entering a world where the boundary between
dream and reality seems to vanish.


Moshik Roth is the Israeli chef of two-starred Michelin restaurant &samhoud places in Amsterdam. A visit to his restaurant is a special experience on it’s own, but this unique VR-experience takes you on a journey to the gastronomic world of Moshik and gives you a peek in his imagination. “Because I have the biggest kitchen in the world. It’s inside my head.” This way your culinary journey already starts before the first dish is served.


In Your Face confronts you on a very difficult and ongoing dilemma;
what do you do to help out on the refugee crisis?
Hadewych and Tibor play themselves in this mockumentary-like fiction piece
where they are left alone with a Syrian refugee after being taken by surprise by a television crew.